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Intricate Glass Sculptures By Ben Young

Artist Ben Young creates impressive glass sculptures using his hands. Inspired by nature and natural forms, Young’s work is as incredibly intricate as the carefully cut glass that he uses. I had the opportunity to ask the self-taught artist about his process, influences, and art. Check it out below.

What was it that first drew you to art?
I have always been creative and loved making things. From a young age I was always in my Dad’s shed playing with different tools and making different things. I have dabbled with a lot of different mediums over the years but glass has always really captured me.
What inspires you? 
I draw inspiration from nature and natural forms that can be found when exploring it. The ocean also is a huge part of my life which can bee seen in a lot of my work.
What is your process to create such beautiful glass sculptures? 
My work is all hand made and very labour intensive, each piece of 4mm float glass is individually cut, sanded and glued to produce the final glass shape and then moulds and form work are built for concrete to be cast.
Which of your artworks are you most proud of?
I think “New Beginnings” would have to be,  the technical challenges in creating that piece and seeing the final product is what keeps me trying to push myself and each new idea I have. (New Beginnings is pictured below.)
Thanks Ben!
Check out more of Ben Young’s glass sculptures on his tumblr, and facebook.
(Images courtesy of the artist)

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