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Artist Spotlight: Limzy

When I came across Singapore-based artist Limzy’s artwork, I instantly fell in love with her work. Limzy (Lim Zhi Wei) uses a mixture of flowers and items found in her daily life to create gorgeous watercolor fashion illustrations. Limzy’s choice of real florals add a whimsical and vibrant feel to her fashion illustrations.

Here, Limzy talks about discovering art, her tools and inspiration, and more…
Artist Spotlight: Limzy
Artist Spotlight: Limzy
Artist Spotlight: Limzy
What was it that first drew you to art?
The first part is cliché, but I started vandalizing my house’s walls since the age of three. My parents needed a solution for it so they brought me to a neighborhood drawing class, and that is how I got started. I doodled all around my textbooks more than I wrote down important notes for exams. But for the floral series, it all started from a birthday gift for my grandma last year. She loves flowers and gardening, and I wanted to make something specially close to her heart, something she will understand immediately. I thought a rose looks like a girl’s puffy dress. So I pressed some rose petals between books, and made her a bookmark with a girl wearing a rose dress. And she loves it!

What inspires you? 
I love things with a history behind it. Vintage items and antiques, things that people used in the past and long forgotten/lessen now (bus tickets, telephone booths, stamps, gramophones etc), young children and old grandpas and grandmas. They are precious.

What is your most important artist tool? 
I believe the eyes are the best tool an artist/designer can ever have. And with a pair of sensitive eyes to capture all the beauty and wonders in the world, it connects a curious heart and soul to discover new wisdom and knowledge every single day. We are living in such a fast paced world today, it is easy to miss out a lot of little things daily. And those are the best that we might miss.

Which of your artworks are you most proud of?
I really should say it’s this mini Marilyn Monroe made of pen and white rose petals on paper. The petals just form the wavy dress naturally. Nature always does the best wonders. And this wedding gown made of 3 white roses, baby’s breath and watercolor on paper. White is understated yet loud in its own unique way.
Artist Spotlight: Limzy

Artist Spotlight: Limzy
Special thanks to Limzy!

You can find more of Limzy’s work here. Also, check out her Instagram and Facebook.

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