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Artist Spotlight: Mark Demsteader

Manchester-based artist Mark Demsteader is known for his take on figurative art, including his series of portraits with actress Emma Watson. Having spent countless hours drawing and studying the human form, he has developed his own style. Mark depicts the female form in bold and pure lines, yet filled with feeling.

Here, he talks about discovering art, his tools and sources of inspiration, and how art is a never ending task.
Emma Watson’s portraits.
What was it that first drew you to art?

I was first introduced to art by a school trip to the Louvre in Paris as a young child, it was my first visit into an art gallery and was astounded to see these paintings on the walls, I haven’t looked back since.

What is your most important artist tool?

My hands, I use them to paint with more than I do a brush.

What inspires you?

I find inspiration in many places, I like an undercurrent of melancholy which I find in music or film and art history. I also like the idea of beauty being temporary and that nature gives but ultimately takes back.

Which of your artworks are you most proud of?
I haven’t got there yet, which is what keeps me going, I like the work, but feel there’s always so much more to do.

Stunning paintings, right? Special thanks to Mark Demsteader.

(Images: Mark Demsteader)

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