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Photographer Massimiliano Sarno captures life in motion

Photographer Massimiliano Sarno

When I first saw these images by Italian photographer Massimiliano Sarno, I felt like I was in the presence of a dream. The photographer captures ordinary street life with subjects in motion, which is a rare glimpse of moments we easily miss in real life. There’s so much mystique and personality in these black and white images.

I love the feel of these images. You can find more of Massimiliano Sarno’s work here.

Photographer Massimiliano Sarno
Photographer Massimiliano Sarno Photographer Massimiliano Sarno
Photographer Massimiliano Sarno

(Images: Massimiliano Sarno)

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  1. These photos are wonderful. It reminds me of a photo of I saw in college in an art publication the college used to showcase students art, photography and writing. The photo was black and white and was of children running in a circle in the day care of the school playing duck duck goose but it captured the motion like these photos like these do. It was very striking and memorable obvious since it is almost 15 years ago.

    Ali of Dressing Ken

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