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Artist Spotlight: Judith Geher


I adore the lively yet exquisitely visible brushstrokes and soft palette paintings by Judith Geher, that remind me of the rich beauty of expressionism. “One of the aspects of my work is that I like to use paint as a material,” Geher explained, “something I can sculpt with a brush and see as an object, yet remains as a painting.”

Whenever possible, she’s mindful to retain a sense of realism in her paintings, “… my latest body of work is self reflective, perhaps self portraits in terms of the subtle emotions conveyed on their faces. At times colourful flowers or abstract brushstrokes distract or cover these honest emotions, lately I have been leaving a lot more bare canvas/wood panel, stripping away the distractions to a minimum. Just trying to be more honest really.”Judith’s artwork reflects her approach to minimalism design, most of which has evolved into a unique style all her own. See more of Judith Geher’s artwork here.

judith-geher-painting-1 artistic-odyssey-judith-geher-painting judith-geher1 judith-geher-artistic-odyssey-painting-3 judith-geher

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