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Dare to Follow Your Dreams

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Dare to dream, dare to follow what you want out of life. Dare to envision your dreams into reality. Creating a vision board can bring your dreams into reality. For instance, the vision board can provide a more clear outlook on goals, and visions for your life. Lets get started on envisioning your new reality.

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Get Creative: Start by finding a place, for the vision board where, you would see it every day. Design your vision board in a frame, mirror, poster, etc. Display, quotes, images, symbolic pieces, and anything that resonates with you, and your goals.

Motivation: Keep the motivation going by creating a mini vision board for your wallet. Cut a flash-card (or thick cardboard paper), into the size of your wallet cardholder. Include a motivational quote with images that inspire; by doing so you will always have a little reminder of instant motivation.

What words/images inspire you to follow your dreams?

-Artistic Odyssey

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  1. I love the dare to dream statements…what great thoughts. It's funny but statements like those inspire me and blogs – I can't believe how many creative people are out there 🙂 Thanks for the great thoughts!!

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